Welcome to my website.

Most of the website is driven by a development blog for which you can find the link above. I have been developing for a few years now but the blog is just a collection of interesting thigs I have come across while working on code in the last couple of years.  You could probably also find a few rants in there about working in startups etc.

You may notice that the site design is a bit crap really but that is because I do back end development and my attempts at front end development end up with a site like this. I could learn I suppose but I just do not have any design skills so do not see the point.

In terms of development I have coded in various languages over the years:-
Pascal, C, C++, Delphi, Java, Javascript and PHP.  

At the moment most of my work is develolping web sites and apps for a motor dealership. Not the most exciting thing to do in the world but I get to control what technology we use which gives me the chance to dabble with things that perhaps I would not if I was working in a different job.