Hi, I am Dave Gill and I am a Developer.

I am currently working for a company building websites, mobile apps and also desktop apps. I do that in a variety of languages, PHP, Javascript, Delphi (Yes Delphi) and of course MySql which I know is not a language per se.

I also do the administration and security for the various servers at work as well. Not that I am an expert in either but it is one of those places. The websites are based on a LAMP stack which pretty much looks after itself.  There is also some nginx stuff peppered about the place.

I am also an Oracle Certified Professional Programmer for Jave 6 SE, which I was using in a previous job but do not really get the chance ot practice much any more.

In my spare time I do some work for Startups.  I assisted in the development of a Taxi booking site called Cabfix, did some back end engine stuff for a site called GRABR and did bits of technical consultancy for a couple of others.  I have taken that a bit further now and have started a company with some friends in the States...

In the past I have built simple single user systems to being a cog in a big wheel creating massive multi users systems for health services. I go far back that my experience also includes building Command Line Only apps.

I wrote my first program in 1982 and built my first commercial website in 1997 which is used for tracking parcels.  I am pleased to say that a lot of stuff that I built professionally in the 90's is still in use.