All the technologies

Do people really think that throwing every new piece of cool technology at a project will make it a success? I love new technology and used to spend time playing with new Frameworks etc so I could find a use pattern for them. But very few of them made them into projects because their was no value to be added from doing so.

I have seen so many projects where the business case for building them is based on keeping a technology stack up to date. Great if that is going to add value or provide a competitive advantage. But spending time and money to move your website to the latest and greatest JS framework is not a valid reason.

Best practice in web development???

This is not a blog post to show what is best practice in web development but a rant against those people who use the term ‘best practice’ to defend their use of a technology.

I shall explain with a couple of examples. Yesterday at work a developer said the business could not have a web page with 5 even columns on the page because they use bootstrap which uses a 12 column grid. I tried to point out this was an issue and was told using Bootstrap was ‘best practice’.

We are building a new website and it HAS to be hosted on AWS because it is ‘best practice’.

We are building a new website in PHP and we have to use a framework because that is ‘best practice’.

I have nothing against Bootstrap, AWS or PHP Frameworks but this highlights that people are building a solution before they have even looked at the requirements. Each project is unique and has unique requirements so to come to the conversation with a fixed mindset of what solutions will work is just plain wrong.

It could be that these solutions are the best thing for the project but you can’t decide that because it is ‘best practice’. You have to decide that because it is best for the project.